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Membership Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of membership, including:

  • An educated, qualified and professional staff
  • Wide variety of fitness classes included with membership
  • Discounted personal training rates
  • Annual Health Screen
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Member Wellness Events


Membership Rates

 Pay in FullMonthly Payments
Community$510$45   ($540 total per year)
Community (65+)$485$43   ($515 total per year)
Add On$440$37   ($440 total per year)
Dependent (13-24)$180$15   ($180 total per year


Guests Rates

Ten Visit Pass$85
One Month Temporary Pass$60
Daily Drop-In$10



LMC Employees

Please see Lexie for employee and add-on membership rates.


Paying Membership Fees

  • Pay in Full
  • Monthly Payment by Check, Cash or Credit Card

Additional Benefits

Health Directions annual members can take advantage of these programs at no additional cost
(unless otherwise specified)

Community Classes and
Support Groups

We offer a wide range of Health Management Classes you may choose from to promote better health or better manage an existing condition. Health education classes are open to the community.

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Health Screen

Each member and his or her spouse may participate in one screening per year. The free health screen includes:

  • Lipid (cholesterol) profile with fasting blood sugar;
  • Waist/hip measurements;
  • Body mass index (BMI) and body composition.
  • Participants receive a copy of their lab results to share with their health care provider.

Weight Management

Members may schedule a free appointment with our registered dietitian to discuss your nutritional concerns regarding blood pressure, cholesterol, weight management, digestive problems, diabetes, etc. Members can call (803) 791-2113 to schedule your appointment

Blood Pressure Check

Use our automated blood pressure machines to track your daily readings.

Exercise Prescription

We’ll sit down and review your current fitness activity and prescribe an individual exercise plan based on your goals, fitness level, target heart rate and recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine. Members are eligible for one Fitness Assessment per Annual Agreement.

Member Events

Join us for monthly events and challenges, such as rowing and strength competitions, walking programs and wellness speakers.